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Privilege Suite

Our signature service designed for members where success and affluence are a given, and the baseline is “nothing but the best” in life. This offering has no time limit and is as bespoke as it gets. It sets the bar very high for maintaining confidentiality and guarding the privacy of our members who tend to be industrialist families, celebrities and extremely successful professionals. Naturally, given the highly selective parameters, this search tends to be an extremely slow and refined one with absolutely no specified number of profiles to be shared given the nature of what you are looking for - a compatible partner who will become your confidante and soulmate – a rare combination that is unique and difficult to find.

The search is personally handled by our top matchmaker and CEO, Anuradha Gupta, who currently spends her time between New York and India, but having lived in Melbourne, London, Los Angeles and India, brings with her a lot of valuable personal experience and an 'east-meets-west' perspective to understand where one is coming from. Her diverse background, along with an MBA and a background in psychology, uniquely equips her in understanding different personalities, something that is so critical in finding the right partner.

Privilege Suite members are looking for a certain affluence level as a given, along with Anuradha’s direct involvement - the level of expertise that she brings to the personalized search as well as the hand holding that they feel is required given their criteria.

There are two membership options within our Signature service:

The Summit

It starts with a video call or meeting with Anuradha who personally handles the search. In addition, there is a home visit by a senior member of Anuradha’s direct team to better understand your lifestyle, more about you and what you are looking for as well as meeting with your family. This also includes quarterly calls with Anuradha and monthly calls with the designated senior team member to review and keep a close watch on the search.

Price available on request

The Pinnacle

This starts with a video call or face to face meeting with Anuradha who then personally travels and spends the better part of a day with you and your family on your home turf. This personal interaction enables Anuradha to connect you with someone who is not only compatible in personality with you, but also comfortably fits in with your lifestyle. The visit helps to get an essence of you and a broader understanding of your family beyond what is in your profile. The search is handled directly by her and she is your direct point of contact with regular conversations to keep on top of things and monitor the search very closely.

Price available on request