Our Members

Vows for eternity membership

Our membership base consists of well - educated, affluent, upwardly mobile global individuals who are seriously looking to get married. It is made up primarily of successful professionals, self made business people, entrepreneurs, industrialists and celebrities from across the world. The largest number of members are from the US and India, and then a smaller number of members from Europe and Asia. What truly binds them together is the fact that whilst they are successful, well- travelled, progressive thinking, cosmopolitan in their outlook and belong to extremely cultured families, they are missing that one special person to share their life with.

"I have a dream"

On one hand Love is such a raw and powerful emotion and on the other it brings with it so much softness..anchoring..security..friendship... and with the right person its truly magical. It’s not about being incomplete, it’s about someone coming into your life to make it even more beautiful.

About 60% of our members across various age groups are looking to experience this “magic” for the first time.

“Take a chance on me”

No-one gets into a marriage thinking it won’t be “forever”. However sometimes, despite one’s best efforts things don’t work out the way we would like them to. When that does happen it seems one’s world will come crashing down, the security blanket that we knew wasn't so secure after all. Some people have the courage to walk away and with time and healing look at restarting life. They are the “believers”. Believing in the beauty of love and the magic that comes with holding the hand of someone you love.

About 30% of our members are “believers” across various age groups.

“Knowing me knowing you”

Life and experiences teach us a lot of things especially when we have had the wisdom of being 55+ years but most of all it teaches us resilience and acceptance. The ability to bounce back from adversities and to keep the zest for living life, laughing, sharing, dreaming and finding love again. It’s about accepting that very little in life goes as planned and believing in the power of “possibilities”.

About 10% of our members are over 55 years and believe in “possibilities”.