Our Process

We are not a dating service, but a serious destination for marriage.

What makes us unique is our fundamental core values:

  • Matching people based on mindsets, values and personalities - not communities or castes.
  • Connecting people across the world – because that ideal person may not be living in your city.
  • Offering a bespoke and confidential service – a quality over quantity approach.
  • Providing an offline search - by focusing on getting to know the person first and foremost.
  • Being very selective in who we accept as our members – you cannot just buy our services.

Now, more than ever before, people are delaying getting married and the personality fit and connect of values between two people and their families has become even more important and difficult. We do not work with biodatas because we strongly believe that people are so much more than what can be conveyed on paper. The focus is on interacting with members to better understand their personalities, their childhood, growing up years, family members and life journeys.

Our life experiences make us who we are and it is important to get a glimpse of that to better understand the person. Only then is it possible to know what kind of person will truly be a good life partner. Over the years we have found that getting to know members helps in increasing the matchmaking success rates significantly. As a result, we provide an offline global outreach whilst still maintaining a very personalised and confidential approach, something which we are very proud of.

To enable us to maintain our very strict quality standards we have strong eligibility criteria that must be met to qualify to become a member. Unapologetically, the membership criteria are non-negotiable. Furthermore our member profiles are not visible because, not only are some of our members very well-known, but also because we believe this space of our life is very personal and private.

We have different membership packages and different levels of involvement depending on the one you opt for. However, what is consistent across the board is the focus on confidentiality and personalisation.

Our Team

We are very selective and our focus is quality over quantity, both externally and internally. The Eternity core team is a group of people between the ages of 30-65 who share the passion and vision of VFE. What sets them apart is not only the fact that they come from very well-to-do cultured families, have global exposure and very diverse backgrounds but more importantly, it is their strength of character in the face of adversities.

Their range and depth of experiences helps them to understand where people are coming from and enables them to relate to different circumstances without being judgmental. It is the belief that, in life, we have no control of the cards that are dealt to us, but what is in our hands is how we choose to react to them. That is what truly defines us.

Anuradha Gupta

ANURADHA GUPTAFounder CEO & Lead Matchmaker

Anuradha is a American Indian based out of New York but chooses to spends a considerable amount of time in India because of her love for India.

She grew up in a small mountain town in India and has spent her formative years in the country. Over the last 25 years she has lived in Melbourne, London, Los Angeles, New York and New Delhi.

While she spent her younger years being part of a business family, she married a professional from the world of Finance, not just because it was meant to be but because she has always believed that what truly matters is how two people connect. Her background in psychology along with her own cross cultural marriage continue to help her in getting a good understanding and appreciation of the challenges involved when one is looking for their life partner in what has become a really small world.

Anuradha is on the board of a couple of companies and also chairs the family non-profit foundation. The non-profit works very closely with critically sick children/street kids.

While she has a very busy work schedule, Anuradha loves spending time with her children, exploring the world, trying out new things and is drawn to better understanding eastern philosophies and the larger significance of "karma" and delving inwards for a greater sense of purpose to who we are and the role that we want to play in this dimension.
Ayesha Singh

AYESHA SINGHVP, Memberships (North America)

Based in Toronto, Ayesha is a former communications professional who spent almost two decades in Public Relations. She has been the Head of Digital Strategy with one of the world's leading public relations and communications firms based in New Delhi, India and is a post-graduate from the University of Toronto.

She has been brought up in India and having worked in India as well gives her a valuable perspective on the culture and way of living in different parts of the world. She has travelled extensively she has an understanding of the needs and thought processes of the NRI community.

Ayesha has keen interest in holistic therapies and meditation, something she grew up with as her mother was a psychotherapist and healer. Highly intuitive, she loves working with people at a personal level. 'The key to finding true love, starts with loving oneself truly' is something Ayesha believes is the key to finding happiness in any relationship.

She loves the outdoors and her favourite therapy is playing golf with her husband and young son. Photography and tarot card reading are her other passions and she is proud of her music collection!
Chandni Anand Talwar

CHANDNI ANAND TALWARHead of Business Support

Born and raised in New Delhi, Chandni is an Economics major and has a Masters degree in Business Administration. She has worked across industries in financial consulting and has also spent a considerable amount of time as a marketing expert in the Digital Space.

She is passionate about serving others, providing excellent customer service, and helping the Operations Team at Vows for Eternity provide the best service to clients.

Chandni loves the outdoors and enjoys weekend hikes in and around the city. She is mom to a gorgeous little toddler.
Sapna Shah

SAPNA SHAHVP, Memberships (India) & Head, Member Resolutions

Sapna is based in Pune, India and has a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Law specialising in Law and Labour Welfare. Her legal knowledge, team spirit and knack in understanding people topped with excellent communication skills add great value to the team at Vows for Eternity.

Being a mother to a grown up daughter who works in the fashion industry and a husband in business, Sapna has a great perspective on work-life balance while continuing to bring depth and intuition to every client interaction she has.

Sapna loves to travel, is a voracious reader, enjoys cooking besides spending time with her husband and daughter in Pune.
Geeta Sheth

GEETA SHETHSVP, Memberships (India)

Geeta, who is based in Mumbai has an MBA from the US as well as a Diploma in Advertising and Public Relations and has worked with India's top PR Consultancies.

Relating to people comes naturally to her and she enjoys the varied interactions she has with people from all walks of life.

Geeta has a cross-cultural marriage that she feels gives her both understanding and perspective on clients in similar situations. She prides herself on understanding the modern relationship being a mother to two grown up daughters.

Living in Mumbai, one of the most progressive cities in the country, she thrives in the melting pot of cultures and socio-economic differences while understanding different relationships and the complexities they come with. She enjoys the meaningful and insightful conversations she is able to have with our older member base as well and brings both humour and compassion to her interactions.

Geeta loves to travel and enjoys spending time with family and friends.
Riema Mehra

RIEMA MEHRAVP, Memberships (India)

Riema is based in New Delhi and with a Masters in English Literature has in the past taught the English language at Lucknow University.

She has a compassionate, sensitive and gregarious personality and loves meeting and interacting with new people. Being a mother of two, both children being well on their way to professional success, Riema has a great understanding of the young adult and their thought processes. As a parent she also feels she brings an understanding of apprehensions and thoughts a parents feels through the match-making process.

Riema relaxes in her kitchen garden, loves to cook and is always happy to try a new recipe on friends and family.
Namita Bharwani

NAMITA BHARWANISenior Manager, Client Relations (India)

Namita Bharwani is based in Mumbai and has a Masters degree in Commerce. A 60's child she feels well adapted to the family needs of the millennium. She combats her family life and career and is equally devoted to making children have a solid foundation at the Montessori where she contributes.

Born in New Delhi, completing her education in Pune and being married in Mumbai, has equipped her with an in-depth knowledge of the melting pot that is India. Namita has an in depth understanding of speaking to clients through the match-making process and understanding their needs and requirements as they journey through the process with us.
Rachna Prasad

RACHNA PRASADSVP, Memberships (Europe)

Rachna is based in London,has a Bachelors Degree in English Literature and has worked in the Television News Industry in New Delhi, India for 15 years. Her years in the media have given her the incredible skill of putting people at ease during a conversation, which helps her drive personal conversations with members.

Having lived in the US and in London over the last many years gives her a perfect understanding of individuals that live in the west but have grown up with Indian values.

Rachna lives with her husband and two children and divides her time equally between family and work. She feels that her strong bonds with family and friends are an integral part of her relationship building skills that help her to both hand hold and empathise with people at this interesting juncture in life where finding a partner becomes a priority.

Rachna loves travelling, watching films, meeting new people and volunteers with her sons' cricket club, which also means that she watches endless hours of sport, especially Cricket through the English summer!
Nikita Ghogale

NIKITA GHOGALEVP, Client Relations (North America) & Marketing Head (Global)

Nikita Ghogale is based in Portland, Oregon, USA and has a background in media management and spent several years honing her skills in Mumbai, India. Having spent most of her career in a client-facing role, she appreciates the nuances of relationships and brings those skills to VFE with great panache. Connecting with people and being able to guide them in their search gives her immense satisfaction but even more joy when those relationships work out.

In her spare time Nikita enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest. She is incredibly proud of her roots and loves introducing her friends to Indian culture and cuisine.