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Q. Are you over 55 and currently single?
Dear Reader,

If you are over 55, single and reading this….it tells me two very important things about you…

you have loved someone with all your being sometime in life and then time has taken that away …and that …deep down you would love to “love” again…... (Read More)

Q. Do you have somebody you care about... a friend...a relative...a parent...who is over 55 and single?
Dear Reader,

When we get married, we truly believe that it is for forever, but sometimes life has its own plans and despite best efforts things turn out very differently in life. We have all seen the anguish of someone suddenly losing their spouse to an untimely event or a divorce. We do our best to support our loved one in their new single life, but we know deep in our hearts that no matter how hard we try we just cannot fill the vacuum that has been left by a partners absence…... (Read More)

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