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Our Packages & More

Can you tell me more about your membership packages?
  1. Privilege Suite:
    • This is our signature service with celebrities, industrialists and extremely successful professionals as our members and does not come with a time limit
    • Not only is this as bespoke as it gets it also sets the bar very high for maintaining confidentiality and guarding the privacy of our members
    • The membership includes a home/personal visit by our CEO and top matchmaker Anuradha Gupta so she can get to know you better in your home turf
  2. Premium:
    • This 2 year membership is designed for individuals for whom a certain standard is the baseline, and being ordinary just doesn’t work
    • Our members are well educated, successful, have a global perspective and an appreciation for the finer things in life
    • The membership starts after a meeting or a video call with Anuradha, post which the senior matchmaking team takes over
  3. Silver Lining:
    • This is a membership designed exclusively for people over 55 and does not come with a specified time frame
    • Our members come from extremely cultured backgrounds, have travelled the world, and are progressive thinkers with an infectious zest for life
    • The membership starts with a video call between the member and a senior person of our matchmaking team
You offer a number of Packages. How are they different?
  Privilege Suite Premium Silver Lining
CEO Involvement Extensive Limited Nil
Search primarily conducted by Anuradha who is your direct point of contact The matchmaking team after an initial video call between you and Anuradha The matchmaking team after an initial video call between you and Anuradha
Age Range 21-70 years 21-54 years 55-70
Service Features
  • Home visit by CEO to members residence
  • Family interactions
  • Extremely bespoke service
  • Concierge services for arranging member meetings if needed
  • Dossier shared on each profile that is sent if requested
  • NA
  • NA
  • Personalized search working within certain parameters as specified at the start
  • Members arrange meetings on their own once contact details are shared
  • NA
  • NA
  • NA
  • Personalized search working within certain parameters as specified at the start
  • Members arrange meetings on their own once contact details are shared
  • NA
Membership Duration Lifetime 2 years Lifetime
Pricing (excluding GST) Call to Request Rs 3 lacs Rs 3 lacs
What is the difference between Privilege Suite and Premium Membership?
Whilst both the Premium and Privilege Suite are personalized, confidential and have the involvement of Anuradha there are a few key differences. This is no different to if one is traveling from point A to B on business or first class. Both lead to the same place, but with a difference in terms of sheer experience and sometimes outcome.

Main differences of Privilege Suite over Premium membership:

  1. CEO involvement: Anuradha currently lives in Manhattan, but having also lived in Melbourne, London, Los Angeles and India in the last 20 years brings with her a global east meet west perspective coupled with years of matchmaking experience. This along with an MBA and a background in psychology greatly helps in understanding different personalities. Anuradha meets each and every Privilege Suite member/family and spends a day getting to know the family as well as the lifestyle better. The search is handed directly by her and she is the point of contact as you embark on this journey.
  2. Extensive family interactions: Our Privilege Suite members feel very strongly that marriage is a lot about two families coming together and it is not only about the son or daughter. Family lifestyles, customs and background need to be very similar and aligned and often parents or the elders in the family will be very involved in the process. Anuradha connects with different family members and sometimes even very close friends of the family to understand what is at the core as these things can seldom be put on paper.
  3. Socio economic background: These are generally very different. Celebrities and industrialists are generally Privilege Suite members as they want the best that we have to offer.
  4. Personalization: This service is as bespoke as it gets.
What is your success rate?
We’d love to say that we find partners for all our members but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. However, we are proud of our success rate of 35 percent. And of course, we are constantly working to turn the graph upwards.
How many introductions do you arrange per month?
We wish there was a clear-cut answer for this. Unfortunately there is none, as our focus is on quality over quantity.

Privilege Suite: The search is extremely slow as the interaction and matchmaking is for someone who is very sure of what they want and their defined parameters are not easily found

Premium: The speed is slow given the nature of our matchmaking style coupled with the members criteria which can often make things quite challenging

Silver Lining: No defined number of profiles shared. However very slow as the Over 55 age group is looking for very different things and as a society change is beginning to happen only more recently.

Can I upgrade?
No. It will be treated as a new membership.

Our Process & More

What does Vows for Eternity do? How are you different?
We are a high-end, very personalized and bespoke confidential matrimonial search that brings life partners together on the basis of mindsets, values and personalities. Whilst we are headquartered in New York City we have an established presence in Mumbai, Delhi, London and Singapore. Our membership base consists of affluent, upwardly mobile global individuals who are seriously looking to get married. It is made up primarily of successful professionals, industrialists and celebrities from across the world, with the largest number of members from US and India, besides a smaller number in Europe and Asia. What truly binds them together is the fact that whilst they are successful, well-travelled, progressive thinking, cosmopolitan in their outlook and belong to extremely cultured families, they are missing that one special person to share their life with.

Now, more than ever before people are delaying getting married and the personality fit and the connect of values between two people and two families has become even more important and difficult. We do not work with biodatas as people are so much more than what can be conveyed on paper. Our team likes to interact with members to better understand their personality and get to know them better; their childhood, family members and their life experiences. Over the years we have found that getting to know members helps in increasing the matchmaking success rates significantly. As a result we provide a global outreach whilst still maintaining a very personalized and confidential approach, something which we are very proud of.

Our focus is quality over quantity and to enable us to maintain our very strict quality standards we have strong eligibility criteria that need to be met in order to qualify to become a member. Unapologetically, the membership criteria are non-negotiable and that is why one can become a member only if one meets the criteria and a sign up link is sent. Furthermore our member profiles are not visible because, not only are some of our members very well-known, but also because we believe this space of our life is very personal and private.
Is this an online search service?
No, it is an offline high-end confidential and personalized search. The online element is just used to help you sign up and complete your profile, no matter where in the world you are based. We will then communicate with you directly via phone, e-mail or Skype and also send the match details directly to your account. You cannot login and see anyone else’s details other than what has been sent to you. Neither can anyone see yours.
How does it work?
  1. It starts with you completing the “apply for membership” form.
  2. Someone from our team will contact you to better understand what you are looking for as well as to understand your background.
  3. If you qualify, and further decide that you would like to become a member please let the Team member you spoke to know. We will then email you a sign up link which you use to pay and create your online profile.
  4. No matchmaking happens until we have either met with you personally or have had a Skype conversation (depending on the package) to better understand what you are looking for.
  5. Based on our conversations, closely matched profiles are emailed to your account. Once both people say yes only then, we connect you initially via e-mail or phone, whichever works better for you.
  6. We place a very strong emphasis on feedback and really believe that you need to be very proactive in getting the most out of the search. We work with you for achieving your goal of finding a life partner, however the more feedback you share with us on the profiles sent the more we can fine-tune the search and the better the results.
What are your eligibility criteria?
Unfortunately, we cannot divulge many details, however, it is not one absolute thing but rather a combination of age, education, income, exposure and mindset etc. As there are people in different stages of life, there is a variance in our criteria too.
What should I keep in mind while completing my profile?
The profile is very detailed and consists of 3 sections. The more honest you are the better the matching. As members often tend to write very personal details, in the 2nd section, we don’t share that. The only thing we share is the 1st section which gives a glimpse of the person and their background along with photographs.
Can you guarantee that this will work and I will find someone through your service?
We wish we could say yes. Unfortunately, the most important things in life don’t come with a guarantee. Sometimes things work and sometimes, despite best efforts they just don’t. What we can guarantee is that we really do give it our best as there are few things as satisfying as seeing people meet their life partner on VFE. Yes, it does give us a big high!
Is there a background check conducted?
No. At VFE we believe that when you are looking to get into a sacred bond like marriage, you will not lay the foundation on lies. As stated in our Terms and Conditions, VFE does not conduct criminal background checks on any of our members. There are a number of reasons for this including (but not limited to) incomplete or inaccurate criminal record databases. Background checks may provide subscribers with a false sense of security, and we do not want our members to have unrealistic expectations when using our services.

We strongly encourage our members to report any concerning behavior or information about their matches to contactus@vowsforeternity.com. We will investigate each and every report, and take any appropriate action that is necessary, including termination of a member’s subscription.

Please make sure to read the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy before you sign up.
What are your typical age and location demographics?
Age: 70% of our members are between 24-40 years; 30% are below 24 or over 40 years.

Location: about 45% are located across the US, 40% in India and 15% in Europe and the rest of Asia.
Can you tell me a bit about the Team?
Our close knit team consists of people between 30-65 years of age from cultured and privileged backgrounds across the world who have gone through their own share of experiences. They choose to be a part of the team because they believe in what we do and want to make a difference-however small in the life of someone else.
I feel I am past the “usual” marriageable age. Can Vows for Eternity help me?
We believe that there is no “usual age” for wanting to share one’s life with a partner, as its all so relative. People come with different experiences, backgrounds and circumstances. Things could have been delayed for so many reason-be it a relationship gone wrong, focus on career, other responsibilities, partner having passed away or simply by virtue of just being a late bloomer! Having said that as we get older the list of what we definitely don’t want in a life partner grows longer and it gets tougher to find the "right" person on our own. Looking for a life partner involves time, effort and investment - so it’s even more important that you partner with someone you feel you can connect with to help you in your search. At VFE, we have a small team which has gone through their share of experiences in life and can truly identify with the emotions involved. Sometimes it’s also about filtering through the clutter and getting to what is really important. Often we get caught in the superficial getting turned off by “red flags”, which on connecting deeper with the person aren’t red flags at all. Matchmaking is not only about height, weight and age; it’s much deeper than that.

Everyone comes with certain experiences - some good, some not so good, some decisions made, some deeply regretted and some of them carry a “stamp” categorizing us into a certain category. But we are so much more than that - if only the other person would cut through the clutter and get to know the person. This is what we help with - we are mature, experienced and have not only gone thruough our own share of experiences, but feel very humbled to have been able to help a lot of people over the years, which gives us a great sense of clarity without being judgmental. We hope when you communicate with us you get a sense of that too.
I am divorced/widowed (and have/ don’t have kids), is VFE the right place for me?
No one gets into marriage with anything other than it being a lifetime commitment. Unfortunately sometimes despite best efforts life does not go as we would like it to. We truly feel that having someone in your life to share it with is invaluable and that is the reason we work with people across all ages and circumstances. However, please ensure that the divorce process has been completed before applying for membership.

Often thing are significantly slower if kids are involved because it is important that the other person not only likes you but also embraces the child. We recognize how delicate a situation with kids is and work with that sensitivity in mind.
Can I get access to some profiles to see whether they are the kind I am looking for?
No. Our member information is confidential and we do not share it with non-members.
Do you offer a trial period?
No. Because the search is built up over a period of time with a lot of effort and time that is put in to get to know the person and connect them to other like minded people. Then there is constant fine-tuning based on their feedback on profiles sent.
Can you share some success stories and testimonials?
We’d love to tell you the lovely love stories that have started out at VFE but unfortunately that’s not possible because we are a highly confidential service, and maintaining the privacy of our members is a big responsibility and something we take very seriously. And yes, this holds true even if it means losing out on getting a new member.
Do you have an upper age limit?
No! How can we cap a beautiful sacred bond like marriage on the basis of age?:-) Our oldest member is a young 72 year old! Infact our Silver Lining Package only caters to people 55 and older.
If I belong to a faith/community/caste that is not that well represented within your members, would VFE still be able to help me?
Since our members are spread all over the world, we do have members from diverse faiths and communities in our pool. Whilst we can work with the faith of your choice ( realizing sometimes that it makes the search very slow) we only cater to communities in the Privilege Suite. Please be aware that we do not work with caste and sub castes.

Payments & More

How do I pay?
You can pay via a cheque, bank transfer or online using a credit/debit card.
If I find someone elsewhere during my membership period, am I entitled to a refund?
Do you have a refund policy?
No. Membership fees is non refundable. Please make sure you understand how our service works before you sign up.
Can I pay half now and the rest once the marriage is settled?
No. Our membership fee has to be paid in full at the time of joining. We do not charge anything additional once the marriage gets fixed.
Do you charge extra if the marriage gets fixed through you?
Money-NO Smiles-YES!!
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